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WoW Sings on March 26th in Services

(PK and Kinder)
9:30am CHAPEL English Service

**They will sing these 2 songs at the beginning of the service and then exit.**

PRE-K & Kindergarten will sing in the 9:30am English Chapel Service

Please bring your PK or K child to the Main Foyer (under the stairs) by the Chapel by 9:00am.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY HAVE GONE TO THE RESTROOM.  Have them signed in on the computer and nametag placed on their back. We will take them to their life group after we sing.  If you do not need us to take them to life group for you, please pick them up in the Main Foyer after we sing.  We will wear our BLUE WoW shirts (or a dark colored shirt) and blue jeans.




1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th, & 5th are singing in the 10:45a English & 12:15p Spanish (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)



PLEASE WRITE on YOUR CHILD’s NAME TAG which services they will sing on Sunday.


We will wear the BLUE WoW shirts (or a dark colored shirt) and blue jeans.


1st thru 5th grade singing in ENGLISH will meet in KB GAME ROOM at 10:15am. If they are in life group or kids worship at that time, WoW teachers will come get them from their classroom or KW.  Wearing their WoW shirt will help us identify them.  WoW will then go to the WC to sing in the 10:45am service.


If only singing in 10:45a ENGLISH ONLY, please WRITE on THEIR NAMETAG “ENG ONLY” so we know to take them back to the KID’s BUILDING for you to pick up there.  If their name tag says “BOTH”, then we will keep them in the CHOIR ROOM to then sing in the 12:15pm Spanish Service.


IF YOUR CHILD is SINGING in “SPANISH ONLY”, we will pick them up from their classroom and take to choir room or you can drop them in CHOIR ROOM before 12:05pm.   Those who DO SING in SPANISH, please pick them up in the CHOIR ROOM around 12:35pm after we sing.  If parent’s attend the Spanish service, we will take your child back to KID’s BUILDING, and you can pick them up after Spanish service.


If you have any questions, please email

(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)

**They will be onstage for all of the worship time.  SMILE, SING, and WORSHIP.  The Words will be on the screen.**

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