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Our vision is to “develop worshippers who impact the world around them.”


We believe worship is a lifestyle response to a holy, omnipotent God. Praise is declaring what God has done, is doing, and will do. Worship is declaring who God is. We have an awesome responsibility: we are more than just musicians - we are worship leaders.

Dress Code


1. Core

We aim to deepen our understanding of true worship and commit to worshiping God with our whole being. Worship is a lifestyle, and we strive to live sacrificially for Him.

2. Character

We seek Christ-likeness through prayer, private worship, regular Bible reading, Bible study, and living a life reflecting His likeness. We also commit to tithing and honoring God with our finances.

3. Craft

We recognize God's gifts and commit to excellence through practice, playing/singing as directed, being prepared for rehearsals and services, being open to changes, and attending required classes.

4. Community

We value healthy relationships within the Worship Ministry, committing to trust, encourage, resolve conflicts with forgiveness, walk in unity, be accountable, and have fun as a team.


1. Preparation

  • Prepare spiritually by seeking God's heart before rehearsals and services.

  • Access song lists on a few days ahead.

  • Listen to audio recordings and view sheet music online; bring your own copies.

  • Practice and pray through all songs at least an hour within 24 hours of your scheduled service.

  • Memorize music to be less dependent on charts during the service.

  • Bring your own headphones for venues using In-Ear monitors.

2. Platform Presence

  • Your body language is an important form of communication.

  • Your presence on the platform is as crucial as your musicianship.

  • Adjust your platform presence as needed, following leaders' guidance.

  • Practice in front of a mirror to improve your expression.

  • Lead in worship regardless of the congregation's engagement.

  • Be sincere and engage with warmth, especially through your smile.

  • Vocalists, keep the microphone near your face while singing and stay engaged at all times.

3. Rehearsals

  • Arrive several minutes early for rehearsals and services.

  • Be prepared to make changes to song arrangements.

  • Use rehearsal time for run-throughs, not learning new music.

Dress Code

We prioritize worship over personal style, aiming to be culturally relevant yet modest. Research modern styles and blend them with classic pieces. Avoid drawing attention to ourselves and focus on the Lord. Follow the "Worship Choir Dress Code" and these reminders:

  • Layer clothing (scarves, vests, sweaters, jackets).

  • Use websites like Pinterest, Banana Republic, Zara for inspiration.

  • No ripped or torn jeans/pants, no graphic tees.

  • Consider sleeve and skirt length (no sleeveless or capped sleeves, skirts knee-length or longer).

  • Choose fabric thick enough to prevent silhouette under backlighting.

  • Use discretion with clothing fit (nothing too tight, low-cut, or short).

Perform a final "MIRROR CHECK":

  • Raise and swing arms to check for revealing clothing.

  • Check clothing from all angles for appropriateness.

  • Kneel to check pant length and coverage.

  • Lean forward to check shirt coverage.

  • Check pants for tightness in front and back.

If unsure about an outfit, email for guidance or send a picture.

Audition Process


Step One

Pray carefully about being on a team. This is a big commitment and we would like you to make sure it is something you are spiritually ready for.


Step Two

Fill out the following application form below.

Step Three

Record a short video (no more than 60 seconds) of you singing. Do this with your smart phone, video camera, or computer.  You may use track, piano, guitar, or sing acapella.

Formato de Audición

Gracias por tu solicitud!


Your submission can be a simple iphone video of you singing your favorite hymn or song, or you can go all out and have amazing production value.


The quality of your video is not important to us - please do not stress over it.

P1033340 (1).JPG

What are we looking for?

Talent - Please do not edit, auto-tune, or tweak the video in any way.


Pitch - Make sure you do not sing sharp or flat.


Personality - Try to show us who you really are.


Selection - We are interested in what kind of song you choose.

Important Information:

1. You may choose acapella, track or live accompaniment

2. Video should be no longer than 60 seconds.

3. Dress appropriately for an audition.

4. Please state your name (speak it and spell it out) prior to singing.

5. After the auditions have been submitted you may be contacted for a follow-up interview.

6. Please fill out the following form when you are ready to submit your audition.

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