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How to Record Your Virtual Choir KID Video

We were hoping to be able to do this LIVE on JULY 19th after preteen camp but with the spike in COVID cases we are quickly moving to a Virtual Kid's Praise Team Special for that Sunday.  We will compile all the submitted videos into a Virtual Kid's Praise Team.

Please submit your video no later than Sunday, July 5th.  This will give us time to get everyone plugged into the FINAL video and audio for the service on the 19th.   I know this is a quick turn around so if you have problems I am more than happy to come by and help or FaceTime and help in any way I can. This is going to be a great blessing to our church family in this uncertain time.

This is a wonderful praise song from VBS this year that we want to share with the church.  Listen and learn the song and sing the whole thing.  We will most likely have the first verse as a solo but will choose from the videos we receive.  

When you are ready to RECORD, follow ALL instructions on the LYRIC VIDEO...including counting the numbers out loud.  

Remember not to sing TOO LOUD or TOO SOFT.  WORSHIP and SMILE as you sing.  Try to find a quiet room because the recording will pick up your voice and anything else around you.  

PRACTICE with the LYRIC VIDEO several times before you record yourself.  You want to know the song and sound the best you can.  

WEAR headphones during your recording to hear the music. 

05 Build My Life On You (Split-Track).mpLifeway VBS 2020
00:00 / 03:04
Demo: USING TWO phones
1 phone to record
1 phone to play lyric video
Demo: Computer
*You can also use phone to record and computer to play lyric video or vice versa. 

How to shoot your video: 

You will need:

  1. something to play the lyric video (computer, tablet, or phone) AND 

  2. something to record (computer, tablet, or phone).

  3. headphones 

  4. QUIET AREA (NOT OUTSIDE due to possible WIND)

* NOTE:  if you use a computer you may be able to use the same device to playback and record. (Quicktime for mac and Camera for PC)

PLAY his video on your playback device.











Set your recording device up with a shot that looks something like THIS… 



* Note: WE WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE!!! So pay attention to your LIGHTING. you want more light in front of you than behind you.

You might want to face a window for natural light. You don't want light GLOWING behind you. 

Once you’re ready to go, hit record on your recording device first, then hit play on the playback device for the lyric video. When prompted, count along with the numbers! This allows our media team to get everyone’s video in sync! Then. . . SING!

Once you have finished, save your video if you’re using a computer, and click below to upload and send!



Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 11.22.23
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