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Your submission can be a simple iphone video of you singing your favorite hymn or song, or you can go all out and have amazing production value.


The quality of your video is not important to us - please do not stress over it. 


See Below for step-by-step instructions.


What are we looking for?

Talent - Please do not edit, auto-tune, or tweak the video in any way.


Pitch - Make sure you do not sing sharp or flat.


Personality - Try to show us who you really are.


Selection - We are interested in what kind of song you choose.

Important Information:

1. You may choose acapella, track or live accompaniment

2. Video should be no longer than 60 seconds.

3. Dress appropriately for an audition.

4. Please state your name (speak it and spell it out) prior to singing.

5. After the auditions have been submitted you may be contacted for a follow-up interview.

6. Please fill out the following form when you are ready to submit your audition.

Audition Process


Step One

Pray carefully about being on a team. This is a big commitment and we would like you to make sure it is something you are spiritually ready for.

Step Two

Record a short video (no more than 60 seconds) of you singing. Do this with your smart phone, video camera, or computer.  You may use track, piano, guitar, or sing acapella.


Step Three

Fill out the following information, including uploading your audition video. Please remember your video upload could take a few minutes. Try to make the file size as small as possible.

Formato de Audición

Gracias por tu solicitud!

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